An enjoyable evening
Today was a really enjoyable day. Rudy came into work and the two of us chatted most of the day. Not really about anything specific, just general chit chat. He brought me a booster juice, which was a delicious surprise.

After work I met my Aunt at Bloor Street and Yonge. I showed her the exciting world of the 4 way crossing intersection, which she was very thrilled to get to experience. The glories of leaving the suburbs of Mississauga to the bustle of downtown life.

We were early for our dinner reservations so we went to this pub called Hemmingways in Yorkville, next to the restaurant we were having dinner at. The place was really nice. A friendly atmosphere, a nice wine, friendly wait staff, hot bartenders and bus boys, a youngish crowd. I'd go back. I went to a place called Hemmingways in New York but it was nothing like this place. According to a few websites I looked at, this bar is considered a bit of a home coming to Australian visitors.


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